The One Part of Freedom the Free Software Movement Misses

The Free Software Movement is a group and a philosophy that believes in free software. This doesn’t just mean that it’s free as in no cost, but it’s also free as in freedom to do what you want with the software. The concept is that people would control software as opposed to dominating interests whether that be companies, cooperations, or government.

What are the tenants of free software?

The first is the freedom to run any program for any purpose that you wish. This doesn’t necessarily mean for illegal purposes but it means that you can use software even for purposes that it was intended for if you wish.

You have the freedom to investigate and learn by looking at the code in the software. Under no circumstances will you get in trouble for looking at the code and learning from it.

You can distribute as many copies of that software to anyone else without getting in trouble. There are no copyrights to worry about.

You can make changes to the software and share those with others.

The one tenant that free software misses is the fact that there is a freedom to do work and sell it if you wish. If you want to spend your time or money developing something for the purpose of selling it to someone else, it seems that in the context of freedom this would be an option.

If the Free Software Movement does not want there to be paid software, the goal should be to make software that is superior to paid software as opposed to be threatened by it. It seems that if there is total freedom in the software world, one would be free to market their software as a product under whatever rules and licenses that the owners felt they wanted to do paid or free.